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Monday, October 15, 2012

Felix Baumgartner , WOW !!~

Assalamualaikum & Hello.

Masuk masuk je office harini terus dengar cerita pasal sorang mamat ni.
Fuiyooo !! Kacak wooo wa cakap lu. Nama dia Felix Baumgartner.

Haaa , hensem takkk ?? Hensem kannn !!
Sapekah beliau ?? Kalau nak tau bolehla klik SINI.
So , dah tau ke belum ?? Kalau dah bagus. TEHE !!~
And semalam dia akhirnya pecahkan record dia untuk...

Dekat bawah ni aku listedkan sikit achievements di dalam aktiviti skydive ni :

2012 - (July 25) Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped from 18 miles / 29 kilometres above the Earth 97,063 feet / 29,584 meters and completed a free fall at a speed of an airliner - 536 miles or 864 kilometres per hour (latest figures sanctioned by USPA and NAA). This jump was a significant achievement in ballooning history but it also proved that safety and recovery systems are functional in preparation for the 120,000 feet attempt.
2012 - (March 15) First test jump with high altitude balloon and pressurized capsule: Freefall from 71,581 feet over Roswell, NM. Maximum speed: 364.4 mph. Felix is the third person to leap from that altitude and survive.
2007 - BASE jump from world's tallest building, Taipei 101 Tower, Taipei, Taiwan (1,669 feet)
2006 - Felix earned his motorized wings as a helicopter pilot at Twin Air Helicopter School, Van Nuys, USA.
2004 - BASE jump into Marmet Cave in Velebit National Parc, Croatia (623 feet deep)
2004 - World record BASE jump from the highest bridge in the world, Millau Bridge, France (1,125 feet)
2003 - Channel Crossing, Dover, England to Calais, France; first crossing of the English Channel with a carbon wing.
2001 - Nominated for a World Sports Award in London, England (category: Extreme Sports)
1999 - World record BASE jump from the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1,479 feet)
1999 - World record lowest BASE jump from Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (95 feet)
1997 - World champion title for BASE jumping in West Virginia, United States.

Kepada yang terlepas nak tengok Felix jump dari ketinggian 39km dari Earth.

Bolehla klik SINI !

Sekian sahaja untuk chapter Felix Baumgartner.

Selamat menggayatkan diri tengok dia terjun ehhh. :PP

p.s : dashboard aku yang problem ke korang pon same ??


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