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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Wedding Girl - Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham

Assalamualaikum & Hello.

At the age of eighteen, in that first golden Oxford summer, Milly was up for anything. Rupert and his American lover Allan were all part of her new, exciting life, and when Rupert suggested to her that she and Allan should get married, just so that Allan could stay in the country, Milly didn't hesitate, and to make it seem real she dressed up in cheap wedding finery and posed on the steps of the registry office for photographs.

Ten years later, Milly is a very different person. Engaged to Simon - who is wealthy, serious, and believes her to be perfect - she is facing the biggest and most elaborate wedding imaginable. Her mother has it planned to the finest detail, from the massive marquee to the sculpted ice swans filled with oysters. Her dreadful secret is locked away so securely she has almost persuaded herself that it doesn't exist - until, with only four days to go, her past catches up with her. Suddenly, her carefully constructed world is about to crash in ruins around her. How can she tell Simon she's already married? How can she tell her mother? But as the crisis develops, more secrets are revealed than Milly could possibly have realised.

From the summary itself kita boleh agak dah what is going to happen next kan ? Tapi silap. Kalau korang rasa from the summary korang boleh tahu ending dia macam mana. Korang silap. Sebab memang jangkaan korang tu meleset. This novel is full of secrets. Mysterious. Lesson to be learnt , don't trust people easily. Even how close you are to that particular person , put a little doubt in them. Better to be careful rather than something happen in the future. Last but not least , this novel is not a heavy genre and the language and terms used are easy to understand. (speaking pulak dah. hihihihi. grammar tunggang langgang).

Thanks for your time , love ya people.

p.s : rasa nak memborong lagi dekat Big Bad Wolf , malangnyaaaa................... Y____Y.



  1. hmm interestingla, nak cari gak la nnt :)

    1. Cari jangan tak cari Kinah. Memang best.
      Sophie Kinsella & Jackie Collins highly recommended. :D

  2. kita baru nak cakap kat encik tunang kita nak ajak dia pi big bad wolf nanti ihiks
    harap laa dia bagi greenlight kalau tak menangis laa tak dapat nak cari2 buku T_T

    1. Hahaha. Nad pun nak menangis sebab tak boleh beli banyak banyak buku.
      Rentetan daripada duit yanggggg............. Y___Y. Hahhahaha

    2. rentetan daripada duit yangggg tandus...amboiii ahahaha
      ika nanti minta abah belanja sikit, pau tunang sikit,keluar duit sendiri sikit...kihkihkih...
      serious nak cari 2 3 buku...esok kalau dia cakap on boleh laa pergi pagi2 pastu baru pi sunway hoho

    3. Exactly ! Kalau tak bagi , paksa sampai bagi. Hahaha. Macam Nad buat kat Wan. Muahahahahahahaha. Serious worth buying sebab sangat sangat murah. Price rang RM 5 - RM 10 for a novel. Memang sawan. Sikit lagi je nak berbuih buih. Hahaha

    4. Kan, kena paksa paksa pujuk pujuk merayu sikit miahhahaha
      tu laa baca nad cerita harga buku murah camtu mahunya tak berbaloiiii, memang gila laa lepaskan peluang...huuu...silap hari bulan ika yang berbuih2 kat sana sawan tengok buku ohh myyy...

      tp dengar kata jammed teruk ye nak ke book sale ni?

    5. Exactly ! Jem teruk. Since Ika tak keje and Asyraf cuti sebulan tu. Pergilah awal awal pagi dik non. Hahaha. Belikan Nad Jodi Picoult 1. Hahaha. Sedapnyaa order. :D

    6. Gelak esok kul 7pagi..sampai sane entah pukul berapa belum cerita kalau sesat lagi kan miahahahah...insyaAllah kalau jumpa ika belikan ek ekehkehkeh ;D

    7. Hahaha gurau jela ! Jangan beli betul. Haha. See you soon makcik. :D

  3. kalau saya baca buku ompuith nie mau terlelap... buku yg baca saya.. :-(
    you don follow me.. you go on reading... hihihi ( betul ke apa yg sy tulis nie..hantam saja la labu)

    1. Hahaha. Bantai sajalah kassim. :D
      Kita pun sama , nak terlelap juga. Tu yang balun 3 mug nescafe. Kekeke.


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