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Friday, May 30, 2014

Hiruscar® Post Acne “Step Up” Dance Competition 2014

Assalamualaikum & Hello.

Suka menari ?? Suka tengok orang menari ?? Suka tengok movie Step Up and feeling feeling nak menari macam tu ?? Kalau suka , lets go to the Main Entrance Berjaya Times Square on 7th June 2014 for Hiruscar® Post Acne “Step Up” Dance Competition 2014

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Once a Coward: From Flash Mob to the Stage, 
Students STEP UP Their Dance

PETALING JAYA, xx June 2014: Students who were having lunch got a real surprise recently when a group of students stormed into the cafeteria and performed a flash mob dance. Many were seen enjoying the music and moves, taking out their mobile phones and recording the exciting dance performance. This is only one of the many flash mob dances at multiple locations performed by the Hiruscar Post Acne “STEP UP” Dance Competition contestants in their bid to qualify as finalists in the competition’s final stage dance showcase. The contestants are made up of over 150 students from schools, colleges and univer-
sities in a team of eight to 12 people. 

The flash mob videos have since been posted online on HPA’s Facebook page at The videos are subject to public voting, and the ten teams with the highest votes will qualify for the Final Stage dance showcase at the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square on 7 June 2014. The voting ends on 25 May 2014. The grand prize is a whooping cash prize worth RM6,000.

The competition, unlike other dance competitions, began with the elimination stage that was done in a flash mob style. This created an element of surprise, suspense and climax for the audience. Many of the contestants have shared how dancing has helped them gain confidence, a far cry from their old and shy selves.“I used to be a coward and I’m always stuck at one corner of the classroom. Dancing helped me a lot. It overcomes my cowardice by creating confidence in me. It also helped me express my feelings,” said Team Cyonix’s member, Hiew Jen Han.

Hiew is not alone in his sentiments. “Before (this), I was quite shy before I started dancing properly in stage shows. Now I believe I have become more outspoken, I dance more and I am more confident as well,” shared Thilanee Ujayakumar from Team Electric Souls.The HPA “STEP UP” Dance Competition is aimed at encouraging young people to STEP UP their lives and not be entrenched in a sense of self-pity with regards to their facial blemishes. Hiruscar Post Acne believes that being bold is beautiful and that dancing is an excellent outlet for young people to express themselves confidently.“We want to send out the message that they don’t have to sink into depression or hide themselves in a corner, unable to face the world. The first thing they should do is to STEP UP and help themselves. Acne scars do not change their character, because beauty is only skin deep,” shared Hiruscar Post Acne Brand Manager Desryne Heng.

There will be 10 teams yang akan compete satu sama lain pada pertandingan tersebut. Kalau korang nak tengok video team team ni buat persiapan menjelang pertandingan yang just around the corner , korang boleh layari Facebook Hiruscar Gel and look by your own. Hiksss.

Oh ya kepada yang tak tahu Hiruscar Gel ni apa. Nah baca sedikit info dekat bawah ni. Baca okay , jangan malas sangat. Penat aku kasi info ni , bukan apa untuk menolong orang yang ada acne. ^^

About Hiruscar® Post Acne

Hiruscar® Post Acne gel is the first after-acne scar care product from Medinova AG, Switzerland to be introduced in Malaysia. Hiruscar® Post Acne has been clinically tested to improve the appearance of new or existing acne scars. Hiruscar Post Acne can lighten dark marks caused by acne, soften and smoothen depressed acne scars. The secret that makes this product so effective is its unique formulation, which comprises of five key ingredients, which are MPS (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate), Pionin, Allium Cepa, Allantoin, and Vitamin B. Easy to apply and fast absorbing, Hiruscar® Post Acne is also non greasy and pleasantly scented. Hiruscar Post Acne 10g retails at RM38.80 and available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

Semalam pergi Watsons aku ada nampak Hiruscar Gel ni , so kalau korang nak try bolehlah dapatkan di Watsons atau Farmasi yang berdekatan. Okay guys ? So , see ya at Hiruscar® Post Acne “Step Up” Dance Competition 2014.

Thanks for your time , love ya people.

p.s : esok sape pergi Mamee angkat tangan laju laju. ^^



  1. Jauh. Dia orang buat kat kl. Lagi pun dah nak bertolak pergi sambung belajar. Tak dak rezeki XD

    1. Larh yeke. Sedihnyaaa. Takpe next time ada lagi mana tahu. :D

  2. dance is my passion... bolehlah pergi kalau ada kelapangan ni nanti... muahahaha...semua nak pergi kann???

    1. Hahahaha inshaAllah kalau takde apa apa bolehla pergi kak. Kalau nak pergi kita halo halo dalam grouplah. :D

  3. btw mahal nya oi hahahhaha inshaallah nanti qila kaya qila beli ekeke

    1. Hhahahahaha. Belikan tuk akak sekali eh. :P

  4. Nak tengok flashmob depan mataaa. Tapi dah balik Penang time tu -.- Ish malas betul lah

    1. Argh ! Sedih. Kesiannya. Selamat menyambung belajarlah ye. :P


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